Bethabara Baptist Church
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Study of Acts

The Pray-lude to Power
Watching the Ascending Lord
Praying in the Upper Room
Replacing the Traitor
The Day of Pentecost
The Sermon That Brought 3,000 to Christ
The First Christian Church
The Miracle of Alms and Legs
There Is Only One Name
When God Says "Yes" and the Government Says "No"
The Church As It Was Meant To Be
Counterfeit Commitment
How to Handle Persecution
Why Do We Have Deacons?
The Face of an Angel (not recorded because of the COVID-19 situation)
Stephen's Great Sermon (not recorded because of the COVID-19 situation)
The First Christian Martyr (not recorded because of the COVID-19 situation)
Simon the Sorcerer
An Evangelistic Encounter
The Hunter Hunted
The Aftershocks of Conversion
The Life God Blesses
A Soldier's Search for God
From Trance to Transformation
A Brand-New Day for the Church
The Church as it Was Meant to Be
Power Struggle in the Church
What's Up With Missions?
The God of History
The Gospel and Its Response
The Power of Persistence
The Struggle for Grace
Three Keys to Effective Ministry
Europe's First Christians
Jail Break
The Tale of Two Cities
The Sermon on the Unknown God
Dealing with Discouragement
Lessons in Leadership