Bethabara Baptist Church
Sunday, July 21, 2019

Bethabara Baptist Church Prayer List

 Week of July 21 - July 27
Requests will be removed after 2 weeks unless condition(s) do not improve. Family members are asked to keep the church office up to date on status of needs. Assisted Living/Long Term Care Residents, Missionaries, and Active Duty Military will be changed as needed.
     Betty Norris - Thyroid surgery
     Julie Ryan - Back surgery
     Cliff Taylor
Needs Other than Health Related
Praises (births, promotions, other)      

     Henry Lord
     Pat & Deborah Shields
 Assisted Living/Long Term Care Residents
     Rachel Sims - Bentley in Jefferson         
     Gene Thomas - The Oaks
     Jimmy Thomas - Mulberry Grove
     Mary Zimmerman - Mulberry Grove
Bethabara Members Extended Family & Friends
Health Related
     Ken Francis (Kathy Davis’ father)-cancer
     Doris Rusgrove - kidney cancer
     Jerry Thompson - prostate cancer
Other than Health Related Needs      
      Last Frontier Missionaries
Active Duty Military