Bethabara Baptist Church
Saturday, June 15, 2024

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Here at Bethabara we are geared toward the family and have a specific Bible study class to meet the need of any individual. Here is a list of all of the classes that we have available.
Preschool Division
Preschool I              Birth—1 year
Preschool II             2 - 3 years
Preschool III            4—5 years
Children's Division
Children I                1st & 2nd Grades
Children II               3rd & 4th Grades
Children III              5th & 6th Grades
Youth I    7th & 8th Grades
Youth II   9th—12th Grades
Adult Classes
Single Adults (18-28, Co-ed)
Young Married Adult (22-35, Co-ed)
Tentmakers Adult (35-65, Co-ed)
Joy Adult (65 & up, Co-ed)
Adult Men Adult (65 & up, Men)
Jesus First Special Needs
Pastor’s Class Adults (all ages Co-ed)